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QuantaMaster™ 310
Phosphorescence / Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer

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QuantaMaster™ 310 Buyers Guide

Most recently Photon Technology International (PTI) introduced its new single shot fluorescence system (QuantaMaster™ 30) for the measurement of intensity (steady state) based luminescence as well as for measuring phosphorescence decays. There is no question that PTI’s unique single shot method is the best  method for measuring phosphorescence decays in terms of speed  and efficiency, since the entire decay is measured with each shot.
The new QuantaMaster™ 310 system brings you to a higher level in terms of performance by utilizing a powerful and versatile pulsed nitrogen/ dye laser combo instead of the xenon flash lamp. It increases the sensitivity by orders of magnitude and offers very narrow spectral excitation width, an important consideration for those working with solid and strongly scattering samples.
You will greatly benefit from the QM-31 if your main interested is in measuring phosphorescence decays. Just like the QM-30, the instrument can also measure emission spectra, but because of the laser source, it will not be able to measure excitation spectra.

To Measure Phosphorescence Decays 

One can measure phosphorescence decays as short as 1 microsecond (with deconvolution) to as long as seconds. The instrument digitizes decay data from each lamp shot, so the acquisition is very rapid. Even with extensive averaging of hundreds of laser shots, the decay curve can be acquired in a few seconds. This is a clear advantage of the Single Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) technique over other methods to measure phosphorescence decays.

For Great Sensitivity

PTI offers the most sensitive fluorometer system that uses a pulsed light source for excitation. For phosphorescence decay measurements, the sensitivity is unsurpassed with the QM-31 because of the powerful laser source. To make it also the most sensitive steady state fluorometer, you can simply add the Q-5H system enhancement. This option adds the continuous excitation source to your system.

For Ultimate in Versatility – Obsolescence Proof

The open architecture design allows for the ultimate in flexibility. You can add various excitation sources – including lasers and LED’s, you can expand the system to measure fluorescence lifetimes, polarization, temperature ramping – in fact you can add virtually anything that you need for fluorescence and phosphorescence type measurements. While everything wears out - the QuantaMaster™ 310 can be upgraded and updated.


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