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QuantaMaster™ 300
Phosphorescence / Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer

  System Specifications
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System Specifications

QuantMaster 30 sensitivity

The QuantaMaster™ 300 system equipped with a pulsed lamp and a gated detector is invaluable in boosting the detection sensitivity of otherwise almost undetectable europium emission obscured by fluorescence (trace at delay = 0) from organic ligand. By placing the detection gate 200 microseconds away from the excitation pulse, a clean spectrum of europium ion is observed (trace at delay = 200 μs), while the impurity fluorescence is completely suppressed.


Detection Technique Single-Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD)
Signal to Noise Ratio 1500:1 or better
Minimum Measurable Lifetime 1 µs (with deconvolution)
Data Acquisition Rate Up to 300 points/sec
Emission Range 185 to 680 nm (optional to 900 nm)
Light Source High power Xenon flash lamp
Repetition Rate 1 to 300 Hz (software controllable)
Pulse Width 1–2 µs
Excitation Monochromator Coma-aberration corrected, asymmetrical, excitation optimized, Czerny-Turner design
Focal Length 300 mm
Emission Monochromator Coma-aberration corrected, asymmetrical, excitation optimized, Czerny-Turner design
Excitation Grating 1200 line/mm 300 nm blaze
Emission Grating 1200 line/mm 400 nm blaze
Optional Grating 75–2400 line/mm and holographic models available
Wavelength Repeatability +/- 0.02 nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.022 nm
Temporal Resolution 1 µs
System Control Computer in interface with spectroscopy software
Note: Specifications are based on standard system.


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