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QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus
Phosphorescence / Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer

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QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus Buyers Guide

PTI QuantaMaster Luminescence System

Most recently Photon Technology International (PTI) introduced its new single shot fluorescence system (QuantaMaster™ 300) for the measurement of intensity (steady state) based luminescence as well as for measuring phosphorescence decays. There is no question that PTI’s unique single shot method is the best for measuring phosphorescence decays in terms of speed (number of decays per second), thus offering a very efficient signal averaging and unsurpassed signal to noise.

The QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus system offers an additional enhancement for steady state measurements. It adds the ‘Golden Box’ electronics with gated integrator, which improves the efficiency of signal collection and enhances signal to noise for spectral and time-based measurements, while maintaining all the advantages and capabilities of the QuantaMaster™ 300 system. You can now have the best system for measuring both phosphorescence decays as well as steady state luminescence signals. The QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus gives you two times (S/N=3000:1) the sensitivity in the steady state mode – most sensitive fluorometer using pulsed excitation.

To Measure Phosphorescence Decays 

One can measure phosphorescence decays as short as 1 microsecond (with deconvolution) to as long as seconds. The instrument digitizes decay data from each lamp shot, so the acquisition is very rapid. Even with extensive averaging of hundreds of lamp shots, the decay curve can be acquired in less then a second. This is a clear advantage of the Single Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) technique over other methods to measure phosphorescence decays.

One can also measure the lifetimes using the gated integrator detection option with the signal acquired via moving integrator gate. The choice between the gated and SSTD operation is at the user’s fingertips in the Felix GX acquisition menu.  

For Great Sensitivity

PTI offers the most sensitive fluorometer system that uses a pulsed light source for excitation. The gated detection of the QM-300 Plus offers higher sensitivity in time-resolved spectral measurements than the SSTD detection, which is at its best in phosphorescence decay measurements.  If you want to convert your  QM-300 Plus into the world’s most sensitive steady state fluorometer, i.e. PTI’s QuantaMaster™ 400 fluorescence system, all you have to do is to add the Q-5H system enhancement. This option adds a high power continuous excitation source to your system. The multi-mode 914 detector controlled by Felix GX software will work in all 3 modes of operation, i.e. SSTD, gated and photon counting.

For Ultimate in Versatility – Obsolescence Proof

The open architecture design allows for the ultimate in flexibility. You can add various excitation sources – including lasers and LED’s, you can expand the system to measure fluorescence lifetimes, polarization, temperature ramping – in fact you can add virtually anything that you need for fluorescence and phosphorescence type measurements. While everything wears out - the QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus can be upgraded and updated.


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