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QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus
Phosphorescence / Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer

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QuantaMaster™ 300 Plus comes with FelixGX software for instrumental control and includes new PowerFit-10 analytical software for fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime analysis.

Through the new, powerful ASOC-10 USB interface FelixGX provides a full set of data acquisition protocols and controls the hardware for all system configurations and operating modes.

FelixGX Controls

  • Rep rate of pulsed lamp
  • Monochromators
  • Motorized slits
  • Motorized polarizers
  • Motorized sample holders
  • Temperature control Peltier devices
  • Gain control of PMT detector
  • Switching from digital to analog mode
  • External devices such as stopped flow

FelixGX Acquisition Modes

FelixGX also provides several acquisition modes for lifetime, spectral and kinetic measurements:

  • Phosphorescence Decay with user controlled lamp rate and adjustable time window
  • Time-Resolved Excitation and Emission scans with user control of lamp rate, signal integration time window, number of pulses averaged per wavelength and scan step size  
  • Phosphorescence Timebased scan with user defined macro-time duration, signal integration time window and number of pulses averaged per point
  • Software control of the PMT gain in all acquisition modes

PowerFit-10 Analytical Software

PowerFit-10 software (incorporated into FelixGX) provides powerful analytical package for decay data analysis. All modules include reconvolution algorithms, selection of data weighing (Poisson or analog), shift and offset parameters, statistical goodness-of-fit parameters (Chi-square, Durbin-Watson, Runs test, residuals and autocorrelation), as well as standard deviations of fit parameters.

PowerFit-10 Modules

  • Multi-exponential (1 to 4 lifetimes) decay
  • Multi-file multi-exponential (1 to 4 lifetimes)
  • Global (1 to 4 lifetimes) analysis
  • Anisotropy decay (free rotor, restricted rotor and other models)
  • Stretched exponential
  • Micelle quenching kinetics (Infelta-Groetzel-Tachiya model)
  • Exponential Series Method (ESM) unconstrained lifetime distribution analysis (up to 200 exp terms)
  • Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) lifetime distribution analysis (up to 200 exp terms)
  • Time-Resolved Spectra (TRES)
  • Decay Associated Spectra (DAS)
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