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TM-50 Microscope based Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

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Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy with TM-5 Laser-Based Fluorometer

Chinese hamster ovary cell

A single Chinese hamster ovary cell labeled with monobromotrimethylammonio-bimane (QBBr). A: QBBr-labeled cell in standard Ringer’s solution; B: same cell, but with 160 mM NaI substituted for NaCl in Ringer’s solution (note quenching by I- ions); C: same cell back to standard Ringer’s solution (note the recovery of fluorescence lifetime). The decay curves measured with a TM-5 microscope based lifetime system. Data courtesy of Prof. Brad S. Rothberg, Dept. Physiology, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio.

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