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Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

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Fluorescence Lifetimes



System Specifications

Capable of measuring lifetimes of 7pM fluorescein
Range of Measurable Lifetimes: 100 picoseconds to ~20 microseconds (sample intensity dependent)


Detection Limit Sensitivity allows for the measurement of lifetimes of 7 pM fluorescein
Minimum Measurable Lifetime < 100 ps
Data Acquisition Rate < 30 seconds typ.
Excitation Range 337 to 990 nm (depending on dye used)
235 to 345 nm (with optional frequency doubler)
Emission Range 185 to 680 nm (optional to 900 nm)
Pulse Width 800 picoseconds
Peak Power 275 kW at 500 nm, 5 Hz
Peak Energy 220 microjoules per pulse at 500 nm, 5 Hz 275 kW at 500 nm
Repetition Rate 2 to 20 Hz
Detection Time domain, patented stroboscopic technique
System Control Computer interface with spectroscopy software
Note: Specifications are based on standard system.


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