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Extended Red PMT to 900 nm

Extended red PMT option available at the time of original order. Extends the emission wavelength range to approx. 900 nm. Should be ordered for samples emitting above 600 nm. Especially recommended for:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Porphyrins and phtalocyanines
  • Rhodamine-based dyes
  • NIR DNA probes

Stopped Flow Accessory

The stopped flow accessory is used to rapidly mix small volumes of two (or more) different chemicals in a cuvette, quickly stop the flow of chemicals to the cuvette and monitor the resulting chemical reaction via optical means.

Download Flyer (174 KB PDF)

PTI LaserStrobe Stopped Flow Accessory

Four-position Sample Holder

The muli-position Peltier, featuring a four-position turret and magnetic stirring can accommodate standard cuvettes or microcuvettes. The automated sample holder has a controllable temperature range of -20°C to 105°C.

PTI LaserStrobe Four Position Solid Sample Holder

Powdered Sample Holder

The powdered sample holder head easily adapts to the solid sample base with one thumbscrew adjustment. The sample head can be disassembled for easy sample loading and cleaning.

Download Flyer (146 KB PDF)

PTI LaserStrobe Powdered Sample Holder

Front Face Solid Sample Holder

The front face solid sample holder, capable of both linear and rotational travel, was designed for the measurements of solid compounds, microscope slides, or films. The solid sample holder head mounts onto a base that can be removed easily to substitute a powder sample holder head.

Download Flyer (146 KB PDF)


PTI LaserStrobe Solid Sample Holder


Titrations are performed to measure a number of biochemical and physical parameters, including binding constants, stoichiometry and kinetics. PTI offers fully automated titration solutions that are integrated into the software. Parameters such as mixing, volume, speed, and calibration are dictated in the software and can be adapted to your needs.

Integrating Sphere

Redesigned for enhanced measurement of quantum yields of solids, films, and powders. We use a 6 inch diameter sphere and attach it directly to the sample chamber on the port opposite the excitation channel. This design minimizes the effect of the excitation, emission, and sampling ports on the accuracy of the measurement.

Download Flyer (432 KB PDF)

PTI LaserStrobe Intergrating Sphere

Single Cuvette Peltier

The Peltier provides unmatched temperature stability and accuracy over the controllable temperature range of -20°C to 105°C.

PTI--QuantaMaster Luminescence Single Cuvette Pelitier

PTI QuantaMaster Luminsecence Muscle Strip AccessoryMuscle Strip

The muscle strip is inserted into a standard 1 cm cuvette, and can be used with any cuvette-based fluorescence system having a standard single cuvette holder complete with tension transducer and transducer mounting bracket with micrometer position adjustment.


PTI offers a wide variety of polarizers ranging from manual sheet polarizers (view graph) to automated large aperture Glan Thompson polarizers (view graph).

PTI LaserStrobe Polarizers


PTI LaserStrobe Filter and Holder

Cold Finger Dewar

The cold finger dewar is designed to be used with liquid nitrogen as coolant (77 K). It can also be used with organic solvent slushes at discrete temperatures above 77 K.

Download Flyer (126 KB PDF)

PTI LaserStrobe Cold Finger Dewar

Remote Sensing Accessory

The remote sensing accessory allows in vitro or in vivo measurement by means of a quartz bifurcated fiber bundle or Liquid Light Guide.

Selections of Long-pass Filters

Long-pass filter sets provide spectral discrimination for the emission channel and prevent the excitation light from being detected by the PMT. Filters should be selected so they cut off  unwanted wavelengths, such the second order.  The filters should be used with a filter holder (2 filter holders included with instrument).

The longpass filter set includes 1 inch round filters with cut-off wavelengths of 345, 400, 445, and 515 nm

PTI LaserStrobe Filters

Bandpass Filters

10 nm bandpass interference filters are available individually or as a set. The peak transmittance wavelengths are 280, 289, 297, 308, 334 nm and from 340 nm to 650 nm at 10 nm increments. The filters should be used with a filter holder (2 filter holders included with instrument). The bandpass filters are especially recommended for:

  • FRET experiments when looking at donor fluorescence
  • Samples which exhibit fluorescent tautomeric forms
  • Excimer and exciplex systems, when looking at the monomer emission band
  • Molecules, which undergo excited state proton transfer (ESPT) or intramolecular charge transfer (ICT, TICT) and exhibit dual fluorescence bands
  • Experiments, which require elimination of unwanted emission at longer wavelengths

Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filter set. The neutral density filter set consists of six 1inch round filters with approximate optical densities of 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 suitable for a spectral range of 300–2000 nm. The filters should be used with a filter holder (2 filter holders included with instrument). The neutral density filters are used to decrease the signal intensity without changing the width of the emission slit.

Semimicro Cuvette

The semi-microcuvette cuvette and insert lets the end user save money and time by using smaller volumes of samples while maintaining the correct optical height.


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