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TM-2000 LED Strobe Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

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TimeMaster™ LED

Looking for a compact bench-top time-resolved system instead?

EasyLife Fluorometer

If you are looking for a less expensive, simpler or easier to use luminescence system, we invite you to consider the compact, bench-top luminescence instruments offered by our sister company Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB). OBB provides simple, affordable, filter based systems for time-resolved luminescence research. For more information visit

PTI's TimeMaster™ LED system (TM-2000) is an L-format cuvette-based lifetime spectrofluorometer capable of making fast and simple fluorescence lifetime measurements down to 100 picoseconds! The TM-2000 spectrofluorometer is designed for the user who needs the most versatile and modular L-format system for the time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy using a LED light source.

TimeMaster 200 LED Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

Equipped with a computer-controlled scanning emission monochromator for instant wavelength selection and direct time-resolved spectra acquisition, the TM-2000 provides impressive wavelength coverage from 260 nm to 670 nm. The QuadraCentric™ sample compartment comes standard with a 10 x 10 mm cuvette holder. The compartment is roomy and will accept various options such as polarizers, solid or powdered sample holders, and other accessories. The TM-2000 is suitable for virtually all fluorescence lifetime applications.

Recommended applications include:

  • Intrinsic protein fluorescence
  • FRET
  • Quantum dots
  • DNA binding
  • Fluorescence lifetimes
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Protein-drug interactions
  • Anisotropy decays
  • Molecular photophysics
  • Photosynthesis
  • Semiconductors, glasses and ceramics
  • And many more!
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