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TM-2000 LED Strobe Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

  System Enhancements
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TimeMaster™ TM-2000 System Upgrades

T-2 Steady State Upgrade

Add steady state measurement to lifetime systems. More..

T-1a Phosphorescence Upgrade

Add phosphoresence measurement to lifetime systems. More..





Steady State Upgrade T2

For steady state measurement capability to lifetime systems, includes high intensity continuous xenon source with QuadraScopic, computer controlled, monochromator for excitation, coupled to the second entrance port of sample compartment; added to the sample compartment second excitation channel optics; for detection there is a high sensitivity photon counting/analog detector with 1527 PMT added to second exit port of emission monochromator, one can then choose between detectors by means of a flipping mirror.   PTI

Phosphorescence Upgrade T1-A

The T1-A Phosphorescence Upgrade includes a pulsed xenon light source and a gated PMT detector as well as excitation and emission flipping mirrors.   T1-A


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