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QuantaMaster™ 600
NIR with PMT Spectrofluorometer

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QuantaMaster™ 600 Buyers Guide

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has emerged as a valuable analytical technique, especially in the fields of material research, chemistry and photomedicine. Powerful NIR capabilities are available through PTI as either a stand-alone research grade fluorometer or as an upgrade to PTI’s UV-VIS steady state spectrofluorometers.

QuantaMaster 60

Comprised of a high intensity continuous xenon light source, scanning monochromators, and a cooled NIR PMT detector. Available in four models for maximum spectral range coverage:

  1. UV enhanced 300–1400 nm
  2. Basic 950–1400 nm
  3. UV and NIR enhanced 300–1700 nm
  4. NIR enhanced 950–1700 nm


The QuantaMaster™ 600 offers the potential for future fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes upgrades where as the QuantaMaster™ 500 NIR with InGaAS can not. If you are just working in the intensity based NIR the QuantaMaster™ 500 is a much more economical choice.





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