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QuantaMaster™ 600
NIR with PMT Spectrofluorometer

  System Specifications
NIR Spectrofluorometer
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System Specifications

Sensitivity Singlet oxygen generated by 0.1 µM rose bengal in MeOH
Light Source High power continuous Xenon arc lamp
Monochromators Coma-aberration corrected, asymmetrical, emission optimized, Czerny-Turner design
Focal Length 300 mm
Excitation Grating 1200 line/mm 300 nm blaze
Emission Grating 600 line/mm 1250 nm blaze
Optional Grating 75-2400 line/mm and holographic models available
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 0.02 nm excitation, +/- 1.0 nm emission
Wavelength Resolution 0.022 nm excitation, 0.12 nm emission
Detector NIR PMT
Spectral Range 300–1400 nm, 950–1400 nm, 300–1700 nm or 950 –1700 nm
System Control Computer interface, with spectroscopy software
Note: Specifications are based on standard system.


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