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QuantaMaster™ 600
NIR with PMT Spectrofluorometer

NIR Spectrofluorometer
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  • Materials Science
    NIR luminescence of carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, semiconductors, glasses and ceramics
  • Cancer treatment
    Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Photobiology
    Photodegradation caused by singlet oxygen
  • Photosensitized oxidations
    Photooxidation of environmental pollutants
  • Photochemistry
    Singlet oxygen is frequent byproduct
  • Optical fiber communication
    Optical amplifiers (e.g. chelated Er++, 1540 nm)
  • Agriculture
    Development of environmentally friendly pesticides
  • Forensic science
    Identifying forged documents
  • Geology
    NIR luminescence of minerals


Emission Spectra of Chelated Erbuim with a QuantaMaster 60
Emission spectrum of chelated Erbium (solid sample) measured with the NIR-PMT and solid sample holder accessory. The system features a thermoelectrically cooled, extended wavelength range NIR PMT operating in the photon counting mode.



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