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QuantaMaster™ 500
NIR with InGaAs Spectrofluorometer

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  • Photochemistry
    Singlet oxygen is frequent byproduct
  • Geology
    NIR luminescence of minerals
  • Forensic science
    Identifying forged documents
  • Photobiology and photomedicine
    Singlet oxygen detection (1270 nm)
  • Cancer treatment
    Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Photobiology
    Photodegradation caused by singlet oxygen
  • Photosensitized oxidations
    Photooxidation of environmental pollutants
  • Optical fiber communication
    Optical amplifiers (e.g. chelated Er++ , 1540 nm)
  • Agriculture
    Development of environmentally friendly pesticides


NIR emission from a DYAG crystal

QuantaMaster 50 emission from DYAG crystal
NIR emission from a DYAG crystal Nd-doped glass measured with the NIR-InGaAs. High sensitivity of the instrument permits the use of narrow slits on the emission monochromator and the resolution of narrow spectral lines of DYAG.


Singlet Oxygen

Singlet Oxygen
Emission of singlet oxygen generated by tetraphenylprophyrin in acetonitrile measured with a QuantaMaster 50 system with InGaAs detector



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