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TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

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PicoMaster TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Looking for a compact bench-top time-resolved system instead?

EasyLife Fluorometer

If you are looking for a less expensive, simpler or easier to use luminescence system, we invite you to consider the compact, bench-top luminescence instruments offered by our sister company Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB). OOBB provides simple, affordable, filter based systems for time-resolved luminescence research. For more information visit


PicoMaster Fluorometer

Each of PTI's diverse fluorometer systems is designed with particular user needs in mind. The PicoMaster lifetime spectrofluorometer based on picosecond pulsed laser diode sources is designed for the user who wants:

Short lifetimes

Ability to measure short lifetimes is determined by the excitation pulse width and the temporal response of the detector. Fast PMT detectors offered with PicoMaster  make it possible to measure shorter lifetimes than with conventional side-on PMTs. The pulse width of our laser diodes is typically 50-60 ps (laser diode dependent), while PMD-1, PMD-2 and PMD-3C detectors have a response time of approx. 180 ps and are well designed to provide a uniform response over the entire area of the photocathode. Even shorter instrument response function is possible if a picosecond mode-locked laser and an MCP detector are used. In the latter case, lifetimes down to less than 10 ps can be deconvoluted with PTI's analytical software.

Lifetimes in NIR

The PicoMaster  can use a variety of detectors that will extend its capability to measure lifetimes at emission wavelengths up to 1700 nm. We offer a selection of NIR PMTs, which cover ranges of 950–1400 nm (TE-cooled), 950–1700 nm (TE-cooled), 300–1400 nm (LN-cooled) and 300–1700 nm (LN-cooled). These PMTs are excellent tools for the user who needs to measure lifetimes from  tens of picoseconds to hundreds of nanoseconds in the NIR.

High dynamic range

One of the main strengths of PTI's PicoMaster is the high dynamic range for the decay curve acquisition. Typically decays can be acquired up to 4-5 decades of the photon count range. While the PicoMaster  lacks the ability of the TM-3000 and TM-2000 to acquire decays over a logarithmic time scale, the high dynamic range and the narrow instrument response function enables the user to determine the lifetime of very small fractions of fluorophore in a mixture. It also makes numerical fitting more precise for multiple lifetime analysis.


The PicoMaster's open architecture design allows for many options, which can be added at any time as you needed or as your budget can afford. Partial lists of what you can add are: choices in light sources, single or dual emission, fluorescence or phosphorescence lifetime capability, coupling to a microscope.  At your request we are constantly working to bring you more options, continually expanding the versatility of the TimeMaster™ series.


Unfortunately we cannot demonstrate the benefits of support until you have purchased the instrument. You can however talk to thousands of our users, some of whom have bought instruments from us more then 20 years ago—and they are still working.


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