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QuantaMaster™ 400
Steady State Spectrofluorometer

QM-400 Phosphorescence Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer Quote
Fluorescence Spectroscopy Brochure
Fluorescence Spectroscopy One Page Flyer


QuantaMaster 400 Fluorescence Spectrometer Block Diagram

1. High efficiency "ECO" friendly light source

2. Continuously adjustable slits, manual or computer controlled

3. Coma-aberration corrected, asymmetrical, Czerny-Turner design monochromators

4. Triple grating, backlash-free grating turret

5. QuadraCentric™ sample compartment equipped with a thermostatable 10 mm cuvette holder and motorized stirrer, quartz cuvette, aberration corrected excitation optics, lid activated emission shutter and filter holders

6. AccuCheck™ excitation correction

7. Multi-mode PMT detector


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