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QuantaMaster™ 800
High Speed Spectrofluorometer

  System Specifications
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Signal to Noise Ratio 6000:1 or better
Data Acquisition Rate 1MHz
Light Source High efficiency continuous Xenon arc lamp
Emission Range 185 to 680 nm (optional to 900 nm)
Wavelength Range 180 nm to 24 microns, continuously tunable (useful illumination wavelength range dependent on grating and lamp; useful detection wavelength range dependent on grating and photomultiplier tube)
Bandwidth 0 to 24 nm, continuously adjustable (computer control available)
Wavelength Selection Speed < 2 milliseconds point-to-point
Resolution +/- 0.25 nm
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 0.25 nm
Light Delivery 2 m Liquid Light Guide
System Control Computer interface with spectroscopy software
Note: Specifications are based on standard system.


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