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RatioMaster™ SL200
Fluorescence Microscopy

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The RatioMaster™ SL-200 is a microscope-based ratio spectrofluorometer capable of single wavelength dynamic fluorescence measurements on a microsecond timescale. The ScopeLite 200 excels in providing a powerful illumination source for dyes in comparison with the DeltaRam™ as the ScopeLite is a metal Halide CW light source with a direct input to the microscope using a 2 m, 3 mm core liquid light guide. The RatioMaster™ SL200 system is also fully upgradable to the patented PTI DeltaRam™ X multiwavelength illuminator. Emitted light is collected from the sample and passed through a photometer having a bilateral translatable iris and a viewing eyepiece to a switchable analog/photon counting photomultiplier detector. Analog detection is used when emitted light is relatively intense; low light levels are detected by photon counting. All system functions are under computer control. Data is collected and analyzed by proprietary Windows based advanced fluorescence software.

PTI RatioMaster SL200 Fluorescence Microscopy System

What's in the Box

  • ScopeLite 200 metal Halide microscope illuminator
  • 2 meter 3 mm core Liquid Light Guide
  • USB Computer interface for control TTL shutter operations of ScopeLite
  • D104 microscope photometer
  • Felix GX Software
  • Installation and training
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