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Liquid Light Guide FAQs

Why would I use a Liquid light guide and not a fiber optic cable?
The DRX comes standard with a Liquid light guide due to the fact it delivers more than 30% more light than a fiber optic cable. A LLG is also more flexible than a fiber optic, where fibers can break if bent to far, a LLG is much more flexible with out compromising the throughput.

How long is the Liquid Light Guide?
The LLG come standard with a 1-meter length. However if you need to illuminate multiple scopes in your lab we do offer longer LLG's.


Set-up and compatibility FAQ's

How do I focus the light into the system?
With every DRX system PTI provides both a manual and a movie illustrating the focus process.

What kind of computer can I use with the ERP?
PTI supplies a workstation with every ERP system.


Warp Drive Device FAQs

What is the Warp Drive?
The Warp Drive is a human interface device that allows the user to control all aspects of the application without relying on the software. A user can change all parameters of the application without ever having to move from the microscopes eyepiece. It allows multiple parameters to be change simultaneously and opposed to a mouse, offering a single parameter at a time. This vastly speeds up workflow in the lab and allows more experiments to be done.

If I do not have the experiment parameters in the software how do I know what my set up was?
The Warp Drive is linked to the software allowing all of the experiment set up to be changed in the software through the warp drive.

What if I change the experiment parameters in the software, how will the Warp Drive know where to start from?
The Warp Drive is also tied directly to the software. For example if you change the integration time on a channel the fader bar will move in sync with the software without you having to move it.

How many different Ratio channels can the Warp Drive control at one time?
The Warp Drive can control up to 16 independent wavelength or channels.

Can I save my Warp Drive parameters from one day to the next to repeat the same experiment?
Yes the ERP software allows the user to save as many applications as the user defines, it will automatically set up the warp drive controller.


Camera FAQs

What does binning do to my experiment?
Binning allows the camera to integrate shorter times however at the sacrifice of spatial resolution.

What kind of binning is typical?
It is all-dependent on the light levels and the camera you are using. Usually binary values are supported ie. 1x1, 2x2,4x4, 8x8

I have an existing camera can I use it with the ERP software?
Depends, the ERP software supports many different cameras. Contact PTI to determine if your camera make and model is supported.

Does the ERP software support the old Photometrics camera?
Yes, any Photometrics cameras that use PVCam.

Can I process images taken with my old PTI ImageMaster™ software?
No, ERP cannot import old ImageMaster Image data files. Please use ImageMaster 5 to import older PTIIMG data files for post processing.

Can I use other illuminators such as a Shutter DG 4 with the ERP software?
No, the ERP software only supports PTI DeltaRAMs and PTI mono's.


Software FAQs

Does ERP software come with application setup in it?
Yes, PTI supplies specific application set-up from the factory, such as Fura2, BCECF,SBFI, GFP, FLUO4, DAPI, FITC, CY5 and many others.

I really like the ERP software but I do not want the Warp drive, do I have to buy it with my PTI system?
No, the ERP software allows you to work with or with out the warp drive interface. The Warp Drive can be backed out of a system to reduce system cost.

If I have the ERP software without the warp drive interface, how hard is it to upgrade in the future?
It is easy to install, in fact it only takes a couple of minutes to set it up.

Can the ERP software automatically set the exposure time of my 2 Ratio channels for me?
Yes, in each defined user channel there is an exposure fader that will set the integration channel of the camera for you.

How many Regions of interest can I plot at a single time?
As many as you want. In fact, one of the most powerful features of the ERP software is that it allows the user to define what ROI's to make the derived data from.

Will the software allow me to process the data of two ROI's with two different forms of derived data?
Yes, the ERP software allows the user to create as many as 15 derived data processes simultaneously.

What other formats can I save the data from ERP's in?
ERP software allows the user to export data in many different formats that include: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG,AVI.

What formats of data can I import into ERP software?
ERP generates it's own proprietary pixel stream format from the CCD camera to hard disk. You cannot import image data into ERP.

Can I use my existing PTI hardware with ERP software and warp drive?
Yes the Warp drive and ERP software is able to work with your existing PTI hardware.Upgrades are available for most PTI Imagemaster systems (see your sales rep for all compatibility details).


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