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Fluorescence Microscopy Systems


RatioMaster™ Series
Fluorescence Microscopy

PTI's time tested RatioMasterT Series, offers researchers solid, dependable, sensitive detection for the collection and analysis of ratio-metric photometry data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ion imaging! The RatioMaster™ Series is a microscope-based ratio spectrofluorometer capable of dynamic ratio fluorescence measurements on a millisecond timescale. 



Fluorescence Microscopy System

  • Wavelength range 290–650 nm
  • Wavelength selection speed < 2 milliseconds point-to-point
  • Patented DeltaRAM™



RatioMaster™ SL200
Fluorescene Microscopy System

  • ScopeLite 200 metal Halide microscope illuminator
  • Single wavelength dynamic measurements
  • Microsecond timescale


RatioMaster SL 200

RatioMaster™ with Photo Uncaging
Fluorescence Microscopy System

  • Full field illumination
  • Fixed spot illumination
Photo Uncaging System
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