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QuantaMaster™ Series
Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instruments


QuantaMaster™ Series
Steady State Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers

The QuantaMaster™ fluorescence spectrofluorometer series from Photon Technology International offers high performance and the flexibility of PTI's modular "Open Architecture" design. So whether you’re working in biology, medicine, physical or material science, measuring proteins, DNA, FRET and others, the QuantaMaster™ Series spectrofluorometer is the instrument for you!

PTI's QuantaMasters™ are the most sensitive spectrofluorometers available and they are designed to meet your highest demands and your budget. We have four standard QuantaMaster™ systems in the series and because each instrument is modular, you can adapt your spectrofluorometer to the demands of your research and expand your applications with our many accessories and system enhancements. Our sales representatives are happy to help you customize your fluorescence system to fit your specific requirements.


QuantaMaster™ 400
Intensity Based Spectrofluorometer

  • Wavelength range 185 to 900 nm
  • 460 Attomolar sensitivity
  • 20:000 : 1 Signal to noise ratio
QuantaMaster 400 Steady State Spectrofluorometer

QuantaMaster™ 500
NIR with InGaAS Spectrofluorometer

  • Singlet oxygen generated by 0.1 M Rose Bengal in MeOH
  • Wavelength coverage: 500-1700 nm (optional up to 3200 nm)
  • Open architecture
QuantaMaster NIR

QuantaMaster™ 600
NIR with PMT Spectrofluorometer

Choose from: 950–1400 nm
  300–1400 nm
  950–1700 nm
  300–1700 nm
QuantaMaster 60

QuantaMaster™ 800
High Speed Spectrofluorometer

  • FURA-2 Rmax/Rmin= 40 typ.
  • Up to 250 Ratios per second
QuantaMaster Rapid Excitation
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