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Software complies with FDA21 CFR part11

The FluoDia T70 software complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulation. It also allows the user to choose whether he/she wants to operate under this in compliance mode or not. Activating the compliance mode will add functions such as user identification, traceability of parameter change, data security and file playback, all of which are required by FDA for data processing.


Dual wavelength measurement

FluoDia T70 is capable of performing up to two wavelengths measurement in one single measurement. The dual wavelength measurement can be done either per plate or per well, depending on the customer's preference. Dual wavelength measurement makes it possible for applications such as FRET, intracellular ion or pH et al.


Click here to read more on FRET applications.

Z-axis adjustment

An optional feature of FluoDia T70 is its capability of Z-axis adjustment. Z-axis adjustment allows a customer to decide at which well depth (focal point) does one want to take the measurement. This feature is especially important for people working with live cells and need the measurement to be "focused". Z-axis adjustment allows FluoDia T70 to perform applications that would normally require bottom reading but does it with much greater sensitivity.

Multiple points/well measurement

FluoDia T70 allows users of 6, 12, 24 and 48 well microplates to choose the number of points to be measured per well in order to achieve the most reliable data for their samples.


Sample Mixing

The FluoDia T70 can do both linear and butterfly shaking. It is the only platereader that can do two-dimensional butterfly shaking. This assures proper sample mixing before measurement. The speed and time of the mixing is user defined through the software.

Choice of microplates

The FluoDia T70 can accommodate microplates of 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 wells of different colors, materials and shapes. Microplates of 1536 wells are optional. The height limit of the microplates is 20.4 mm for our standard unit, and up to 25 mm for our optional units. The 96 well heater plates also can serve as a holder for strip tubes. Many of the popular microplates have been tested thoroughly and their information saved in our microplate database for easy selection and accurate temperature control.

Click here to see an Excel table of the Microplate library.

Choice of interference filters

The FluoDia T70 has four filter ports for both excitation and emission. One set of filter (Exc. 486 ± 10 nm, Emi. 530 ±10 nm) is included within each standard unit. Our standard filters also include 365 ± 10nm, 450 ± 10 nm, 560 ± 10 nm and 620 ± 10 nm. Our optional filters include 340 ± 10 nm, 390 ± 10 nm, 425 ± 10 nm, 465 ± 10 nm, 500 ± 10 nm, 520 ± 10 nm, 550 ± 10 nm, 590 ± 10 nm, 645 ± 10 nm and any other filter with in our wavelength detection range.

Real-time display

FluoDia T70 is capable of real-time display of selected samples in both digital and graphic (for multiple-cycle measurement) format.


Barcode Reading Capability

The FluoDia T70 has a connection port for barcode readers at the back of the unit. It can identify all bar-code such as JAN, STF, ITF, NW-7, CODE39, CODE93 and CODE128. The number of characters that can be read by the software is "16" characters.

User-friendly software

The FluoDia T70 software is very user friendly. Both data acquisition and analysis are straightforward. It also has macros in Excel format for data analysis. It takes no more than half an hour for a Windows familiar researcher to learn how to operate the FluoDia T70.



The FluoDia T70 is a fluorescence microplate reader with high specification at a value price. What this means to a end user is great value. No one can offer the same high quality and specifications for the price.


PTI distributes this product worldwide with the exception of the following countries Japan, South Korea, Taiwan we will however forward all inquiries to the correct distribution point.


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