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PTI's QuantaMasters™ are the most sensitive fluorometers available and they are designed to meet your highest demands and your budget. We have four standard steady state QuantaMaster™ systems in the series and because each instrument is modular, you can adapt your fluorometer to the demands of your research and expand your applications with our many accessories and system enhancements.

PTIís TimeMaster™ series offers both Strobe and TCSPC based fluorescence lifetime fluorometers. No matter which technique is needed for your research, you can be sure your fluorometer will have the high performance and flexibility that PTI is known for.

Offering researchers solid, dependable, sensitive detection for the collection and analysis of ratio-metric photometry data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ion imaging!

PTI is offering a completely new revolutionary system for the collection and analysis of ratio-metric imaging data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ion imaging! The EasyRatioPro with Warp Drive interface is a complete imaging system featuring dramatic power, high speed image acquisition and more!

PTIís FluoDia is a dedicated fluorescence plate reader with the highest sensitivity, reproducibility and the best temperature control capability.


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Providing fluorescence solutions for over 30 years, our products cover many different areas of fluorescence from steady state and phosphorescence, fluorescence lifetimes, ionic detection and fluorescence imaging. PTI instruments are used in leading laboratories around the world for research, health care, industrial process, quality control, environmental science and other applications.

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